Sotra’s Projects division specialises in the identification, initiation and coordination of infrastructure projects in emerging markets. Our objective is to help bring infrastructural improvements in developing countries by actively seeking and implementing financial aid and construction expertise from the developed world.

Successfully originating, negotiating and implementing infrastructure projects and supplying capital goods to emerging markets can be a challenge. Sotra’s vast expertise in dealing with emerging  markets and the extensive network of contacts we have built up over the years allows us to guide both public and private sector clients through the maze of obstacles in implementing projects. Over the years we have been involved in projects in the fields of power generation and transmission, water and waste water treatment, healthcare, oil & gas and light industry.

Finance is frequently the crucial component of a project and our experience in identifying sources of funding from multilateral and  bilateral funding agencies and commercial financial institutions is frequently the breakthrough required to successfully develop a project.

Whether you are a public institution wishing to initiate a  project or a private business looking to expand into new markets, Sotra is an ideal partner to assist you in reaching your goals.

For further information please contact us on:

Email: projects@sotra.co.uk