Atramat Sutures

The Atramat range of surgical sutures is manufactured by Internacional  Farmaceutica SA de CV (IFSA) a private company based in Mexico with over 50  years of experience in the field.

The product complies with the requirements outlined by ISO 13488 and both CE and FDA registrations.

IFSA are specialists in manufacturing first  class surgical  sutures and  strive to attain the highest quality levels at the  best  possible  price. The Atramat products are sold in over 70 countries worldwide.

IFSA  and Sotra have worked together for  over 30 years in the market  development and effective distribution of the Atramat product range in  Africa and the Middle East.

For your nearest distributor in Africa and the Middle East please contact us on:

Email: healthcare@sotra.co.uk

The Atramat Product Range Currently Includes:

  • Atramat® PDX Polydioxanone
  • Atramat® PGC25
  • Atramat® PGA
  • Atramat® PGA Rapid
  • Atramat® PGLA90
  • Atramat® PGLA90 Rapid
  • Atramat® Chromic Gut
  • Atramat® Plain Gut
  • Atramat® Polypropilene
  • Atramat® Polyester
  • Atramat® Nylon
  • Atramat® Silk
  • Atramat® Stainless Steel
  • Taper Point
  • Reverse Cutting
  • Taper Cutting
  • Premium Taper Cutting
  • Premium Oval Point
  • Conventional Cutting
  • Premium Spatula
  • Premium Blunt Point
  • Supra-sharp Reverse Cutting
  • Supra-sharp Conventional Cutting
  • 300plus Taper Point
  • 300plus Taper Cutting
  • 300plus Taper Point (non-reflective dark needle)
  • 300plus Taper Cutting (non-reflective dark needle)
  • Atraglide® Cutting
  • Atramat® Neoflex25 Partially Absorbable Surgical Mesh
  • Atramat® Propymesh Non-Absorbable Surgical Mesh
  • Atramat® Hemostatic Clip Line
  • Atramat® Bonewax